Adjustable Bed Cradle
A simple metal frame, whose base slips between the mattress and the bed base and the top forms a support cradle for the bedclothes to keep them clear of the feet and legs. The height is adjusted easily and the frame is in two parts for easy storage or transport. For use at the side or end of the bed. Height 454 to 680mm (18 to 27"). Width 356mm (14"). Lenght: Top 565mm (22 1/2"); Base 710mm (28"). Weight 3kg.

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Lambswool Bed Fleeces
A wool fleece giving warmth and comfort. A standard fleece, with fitting straps and a shorter pile, is also available. All are machine washable and can be tumble dried. Sizes as below.

Rope Ladder Bed Hoist
A simple idea to assist with sitting up in bed. The bottom ends of the cords tie around the bed legs, and the plastic ladder rungs can be gripped to pull the user up in bed on a hand over hand movement. Suitable for single or double beds. Rung length 200mm (8"). Diameter 25mm (1"). Cord length 3 metres (9'10"). Weight 285g.

Uplift & Upeasy Seat Assist

A portable lightweight lifting cushion that transforms any chair into an automatic lifting chair. Self-powered and easy to adjust to a users weight, it provides a stable, gentle lift that supports up to 80% of a users weight. It has a built in carry handle, and flattens for easy transport. A foam moulded cushion provides a comfortable seat for the user. The cover is washable. Available in four variations; two weight ranges with either a standard cushion or V-foam cushion. The two weight ranges are either 35 to 105kg (6 to 161/2st) or 90 to 160kg (14 to 25st). The V-foam cushion has a special slow release foam that provides additional comfort for those seated for long periods of time.

Wizard Mattress Topper

The surface of this mattress topper allows it to mould to the body's shape evently and provide extra comfort. Fully washable. Weight 1.7kg Single.

Legex Chair Raisers
Moulded sleeves that have plastic inserts to give different height raises to chairs. Integral fins and domed base give a pressure fit over the leg. Useful for odd-shaped legs. Supplied as a set of four with inserts.

Flexible Leg Rest
Soft foam cushion in leatherette vinyl with flexible spring base that automatically adjusts to the user's sitting and leg position. Can also be used in bed as a back rest. Height 432mm (17"). Cushion size 610 x 305 x 76mm (24 x 12 x 3"). Weight 3.3kg.

Contoured Pillow
This orthopaedic pillow supports the head and neck. The nodular top surface allows air to circulate. Dimensions 540 x 350mm (21 1/4 x 13 3/4"). Weight 1.05kg.

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