Readi Bed Protector
A specially designed, reusable, washable underpad that looks and feels like normal bedding protection. Both patient and bed are kept dry with the stay-dry layer and waterproof backing. Supplied with fabric wings to help secure the pad into place. The pads are suitable for light to moderate incontinence. Absorbs approximately 3.5 litres. Size 1000 x 1000mm.

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Gents Readi Pouch Pants
Similar to the Ladies Pouch Pants above, but shapped for men. Sizes quoted are waist size.

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Easy Seal
Disposal of personal care products, such as incontinence pads or stoma care products, can often be a problem. The Sangenic Twist and Seal unit is a unique product designed to hygienically wrap, seal and conceal used personal care products simply and effectively, without odour or fuss. It is discreet and easy to use and fits neatly into the bathroom or bedroom. Replacement cassettes contain film with antibacterial barrier and a fresh citrus fragance.

Stretch Pants
These washable stretch net pants are ideal for use with the shaped insert pads and stick on pads . Supplied in packs of 5.


Disposable Bed Protector
Disposable chair or bedpad that offers protection for furniture and keeps the user comfortable. Any liquid diffuses quickly throughout the pad, but the waterproof backing ensures total leackage protection. Size 600 x 600mm (24 x 24"). Effective absorbency 1.7 litres.

Female Active

Full Briefs
These attractive briefs are made from a cotton lycra fabric with built in pads. Absorbency 120ml.

Ladies Readi Pouch Pants
These comfortable, brushed cotton briefs are designed with the pouch on the inside to help secure that the pad in place. The waterproof lining means they can accomodate most pads. Sizes quoted are hip size.

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